About Us

Canadian Petroleum Engineering Inc.

Canadian Petroleum Engineering Inc. (“CPE”), founded in 1995, is a multi-disciplinary, full-service consulting firm specializing in providing integrated project management, technical and regulatory services for the upstream engineering, geosciences and operations orientated projects for the oil and natural gas industry including arctic engineering, carbon capture and storage (CCUS), underground natural gas storage and geothermal. 

Proven Track Record of Performance

Reputation for a “Hands-On” Approach in Achieving Results On Time and On Budget

Thorough and Balanced Approach to Problem Definition and Problem Solving

Comprehensive understanding of all facets of the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry

Ability to compliment your existing organizational structure or, alternatively, provide complete project management, field operations and supervision support.

Extensive experience in the upstream oil and gas industry 

Project management of multi-disciplinary teams from initial project concept phase to completion including:

  • project planning
  • cost estimating
  • risk management
  • project evaluation
  • procurement
  • logistics and inventory management

Oil and natural gas engineering and operations:

  • Field supervision
  •  safety
  • environmental oversight
  • project assistance
  • advisory roles to senior management

Well drilling (including horizontals)

  • completions
  • workovers
  • suspensions
  • abandonments

Onshore & offshore operations experience

  • North America
  • International
  • Extensive Arctic
  • Remote locations

Experienced with various:

  • injection schemes
  • monitoring techniques
  • wellbore integrity assessments
  • horizontals
  • underbalanced
  • managed pressure drilling 

Regulatory applications and reporting:

  • wells
  • production
  • injection/withdrawal schemes

Geological characterization:

  • well prognosis
  • geology
  • geophysical
  • mapping
  • modeling

Technical and operational interface experience with pipeline and plant facility engineers:

  • design, operating and risk
  • cost estimating
  • operating standards. 
  • Underground natural gas storage projects 
  • Remote location operations including the Arctic (onshore and offshore)
  • Gas Hydrate research
  • Pioneered drilling mud cooling technology
  • Cross industry – combined our downhole well expertise with mining operations
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS)
  • Acid gas injection
  • Geothermal

Ability to undertake and successfully complete unique and specialized projects

Canadian Petroleum Engineering Inc. is committed to ensuring safe, environmentally responsible, reliable and cost-effective services for our clients. 

Our Team

Canadian Petroleum Engineering is an employee owned consultancy with over 25 years of excellence in delivering successful results for clients.

Each of our Principals and Senior Associates. brings over 40 years of experience in the Canadian and international upstream oil & gas industry.

We are fully licensed to practice by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

Our Core Values

  • We leverage our team’s extensive industry experience to provide our clients with best practices, using leading edge technologies to maximize profit efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Provide practical, technical cost effective services for our clients
  • Provide clear and regular communication
  • Maintain strict regulatory & environmental compliance
  • Uncompromising Worker Safety & Environmental Responsibility in all Field Operations

Our Affiliate Partners

We can and have augmented our core team with our affiliates as required to provide the right team to ensure success of our Client’s project.

Acero Engineering Inc.

Construction & Operations Integration

  • Full EPCM
  • Well Lease Equipment
  • Pipelines & Surface Facilities
  • Power Generation & Connection
  • Regulatory Applications

Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.

Detailed Geosciences & Modeling

  • Reservoir & Containment Characterization
  • Petrophysics
  • Hydrogeology
  • Seismic Design & Interpretation
  • Geocellular & Simulation Modeling

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