Canadian, Arctic and International

Canadian Petroleum Engineering Inc. is a multi-disciplinary full service consulting firm with extensive project and operating experience in the upstream oil and gas industry including arctic & remote locations, carbon capture and storage (CCUS), underground natural gas storage & geothermal.

CPE has been involved in projects spanning onshore & offshore operations internationally, including: Western Canada, Canadian Maritimes, Canadian Arctic, Alaska, North Sea, former Soviet Union countries, South & Central America and onshore Greenland.

Project Experience

Exploration & Production

  • Project Management (Canada, US, Russia , Greenland)
  • Various Drilling Projects (Canada, Russia, Peru, Tanzania, Alaska)
  • Drilling Rig Evaluations (Canadian Arctic, Sakhalin Island, South Korea, Africa)

Offshore & Remote

  • Arctic drilling (Canada & US Beaufort + US Chukchi Sea)
  • Multi-well program w/base camp & supports including logistics/mobilization program & cost estimation (Greenland)

Natural Gas Storage

  • Natural Gas Storage – 3 projects (AB)
  • Salt Cavern (SK)
  • Gas storage acquisitions teams (several)

Clean Energy

  • Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (l2.1 Mt/yr CCUS @ Ft Nelson, BC)
  • Geothermal (AB)
  • Acid Gas Injection (BC)


  • Project Evaluations (Canada, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine)
  • Sr Management Advisor – Canol Shale NWT (Conoco-Phillips)
  • Lecturer (Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Kazahkstan)
  • Regulations & Policy – CCUS  (BC & US EPA) & NEB Relief Well Drilling Requirements (Canadian Arctic)

Special Projects

  • Research – Gas Hydrates
  • Uranium mine repair (SK)
  • Mining exploration (Greenland)

CPE Specialization

Integrated Project Management

Operational Expertise and Field Supervision

Project Feasibility Evaluation
Project Development Planning
Well Design & Subsurface Engineering
Well, Pipeline & Facility Integration
Geosciences Expertise
Regulatory Services

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