At Canadian Petroleum Engineering, we provide technical, project management and field expertise to ensure safe, reliable and cost effective services for our clients.  

We are known for our ability to undertake and successfully complete unique and challenging projects. 

We have been involved in a variety of projects spanning onshore and offshore operations internationally, including Western Canada, Canadian Maritimes, Canadian Arctic, Alaska, North Sea, former Soviet Union countries, South and Central America and onshore Greenland.

Through our many years of experience in a variety of projects in different locations including remote and Arctic, we have a comprehensive understanding of all facets of the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas industry that allow us to provide our clients with the information and services they require to successfully complete projects and operate.

Our Services

Well Drilling and Completion Operations

  • Well Design & Engineering
  • Detailed Well Programs
  • Full Well EPCM Services
  • New well drilling & testing for exploration, production & injection wells
  • Well Completions, Workovers & Abandonments 
  • Field & Drilling Supervision
  • Well & lease safety & security programs
  • Wellbore Evaluations
  • Regulatory Applications
  • Construction & Operations Integration with Affiliate Partner for Pipelines, Facilities & Power Generation.

Arctic & Remote Locations

  • Onshore & Offshore Drilling
  • Completions, Workovers & Abandonments
  • Access & Logistics Management
  • Arctic & Remote Location Field Supervision
  • Design & Oversight of Winterization of Drilling Rigs, Barges & Equipment for Arctic Conditions
  • Regulatory Applications

Reservoir & Containment

  • Exploratory & Development 
  • Project & Scheme Reservoir selection
  • Well Prognosis & Drilling Risks
  • Scheme sub-surface rights acquisition strategy
  • Reservoir & Containment Characterization
  • Regulatory Applications
  • Scheme Operations & Monitoring
  • Detailed Geoscience & Reservoir Engineering including geophysical interpretation,  petrophysical analyses, hydrogeology & modeling (geocellular & simulation) in conjunction with Affiliate partner  

Project Management & Engineering

  • Project Evaluations & Analyses
  • Project Budget and Cost Controls
  • Scheme Development Programs
  • Logistics, Procurement & Inventory Management
  • Drilling Rig Evaluations, Design & Oversight of Modifications
  • Project Management of multi-disciplinary Teams

Management Consulting

  • Advisory
  • Project Cost Estimating
  • Project & Scheme Development
  • Regulatory & Policy Advice
  • Risk Assessments & Management
  • Regulatory Applications – wells and schemes
  •  Field Operations Management Team for Clients

Special Project Experiences

  • Underground Natural Gas Storage (extensive)
  • Salt Cavern
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS)
  • Geothermal 
  • Acid Gas Injection
  • Gas Hydrates (Research in field)
  • Mining Operations Support in Canada & Greenland

Our Value Add

  • Extensive Team Experience
  • Project Management Expertise
  • Practical Solutions
  • Regulatory Knowledge
  • Application of latest Relevant Technologies
  • Field Operations Management Experience
  • Excellent Team Problem Solving Skills
  • Efficient Cost Effective Services
  • Communication Skills
  • Work Safety Management
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance

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