Ed Fercho


Ed Fercho

Ed Fercho is a senior and brings 50 years of drilling operations and managerial experience, both as a drilling contractor and as an oil company representative. He has extensive experience in Canada and internationally, both onshore and offshore.

Ed began his career as a floorhand during them mid 50`s and worked for various Drilling contractors in Western Canada and the Arctic. He progressed through all levels of drilling rig operations until he became a Rig Manager with Commonwealth Drilling. In 1971 Ed joined BP Canada where he worked as an Arctic Drilling Supervisor until he transferred to BP International, where he worked as an Offshore Drilling Superintendent. Ed left BP in 1975 to join Dome Petroleum`s Canmar division as a Drilling Manager. He became Canmar`s Operations Manager in 1981 and Vice President of Operations in late 1985.

Ed retired from Canmar in 1993 and was one of the founding members of Canadian Petroleum Engineering. Ed was appointed President of CPE by the founders and has acted as President from 1995 to the present day. Since that time, Ed has been active in Project Management and Supervision for both Domestic and International Exploration and Development Drilling projects.


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