Ron Bray


R.G Bray, P. Geo.

Ron Bray graduated from McMaster University in 1971 with a Ph D. in Geology. He has 39 years of experience in geological and management experience in Canada and abroad, both onshore and offshore.

Ron was one of the founding partners of Canadian Petroleum Engineering Inc. Since that time, he has worked on a wide range of projects, including exploitation of oil and gas discoveries in Former Soviet Union Countries, Russia and Canada. He has specialized in geological assessment and development of underground natural gas storage reservoirs in Canada and the USA.

Ron started his career with Texaco Exploration working in the Alberta Basin and East Coast offshore. In 1974 his career with Texaco took him to the United States, and then in 1976, to the United Kingdom where he worked on International and North Sea exploration projects. He joined Hamilton Brothers in 1978 to assist with several North Sea development projects and exploration licensing rounds. In 1981, Ron moved to Denmark to set up and manage an exploration department for Dansk Olie & Naturgas A/S and also advise the Danish government during oil and gas license negotiations. In 1986, Ron moved back to Canada where he worked for Kaneb Energy Canada Ltd and J M Huber Corporation prior to becoming a partner with Canadian Petroleum Engineering, which was formed in 1995.


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