Ron McCosh


Ron McCosh, P. Eng.

Ron is an industry drilling professional with more than 30 years experience.

Graduated from the University of Waterloo in Mechanical Engineering in 1980 and has been an APEGA member since 1981.

After graduation Ron worked for Dome Petroleum in the drilling department planning and drilling wells in Western Canada and the Beaufort Sea. Ron has worked on the service side of the industry for the majority of his career, having worked with drilling and well service contractors, directional drilling companies and tool companies in engineering, technical sales and management positions. Ron was involved most recently in the Beaufort Sea project for Shell Alaska.

Ron has extensive experience in drilling vertical and horizontal wells in all areas of Western Canada focusing on safety and proper planning of cost effective wells.

Ron has been an active volunteer member of the technical societies in the petroleum industry. The Canadian Association of Drilling Engineers (CADE), the Petroleum Society and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) have all benefited from Ron’s work running technical conferences and technical luncheons since 1994.

Ron joined CPE as a partner in 2012.


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